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i not like anything and i not feel like sorry

there is nothing sad about a cloudy day

ew i have to take a shower, i just want to fester

there were clouds rolling down the meadow

sad and paranoid, what should i draw?

drop down meek and papers dream while silk fell folded,

the eye that lie that i rely

"There’s no tears to be shed
I’m gonna love you instead
I want you around, cheer down.”

 Hæ, bless

 Hæ, bless

sick statistic 

intricate design with controlled environmental conditions, there is a question of understanding and if intelligence surpasses a grasp of the history we’ve written and the still un-known history yet uncovered or never to be uncovered. is something so old that it haunts the curious with ages of sun washed atoms of thought and touch and the dust of tissue



pile o’ sea-horsies-jue

pile o’ sea-horsies