-animals real & plush
-white noise
-overcast/bleak/cold weather
-(classical) romanticism in art and music
-odd numbers
-security blankies
-kindred spirits 
-nature as far as the eye can see
-hug memories

look at this hat

look at this hat



practice flower

i’ve been trying to not fucking swear, oh oops

you can’t keep me in here for long, human body!!!!!

I saw some squirrels flirting today it was hackie darn cute, wow

wow that sounds cute as heck !!!!!

cant change beak color, where is my duck feet why, where is duck tail, best part of duck is silly tail roooooooood

i wanna be a duck on toon town ;c

i want someone to play animals with me ;_;



dead witch ghost

dead witch ghost

pink & flesh 
purple & flesh
blue & flesh 
green & flesh

color squirrel-jue

color squirrel

Blankie! the flying squirrel-jue

Blankie! the flying squirrel